Saturday, June 12, 2010

Train Time

This is a very good way to spend a Friday night, sandwiched between two unpleasant experiences. The first, a cheesy (nonvegan) risotto casserole that bombed, and the second, my exhausted children fighting over who gets to put a piece of train track where (I love my kids, but they are NOT VERY NICE after their first week of summer camp has drained them of all energy and civility. Both were whisked off to bath pretty soon after these lovely pics were taken).

[Aside, have you noticed a theme here? That there are two things I am TERRIBLE at? Being photography and cooking? I'm sure there are more, but these are the two most obvious at the moment. My next post will examine this in more detail.]

On to the train saga.

Picture 1:

The girls playing nicely together, building a massive train track (thanks to Cate and Kevin for loaning us this cool, massive set. They have 3 boys, obviously).

Uh-oh. Trouble looms. Nolie is doing something on her own, without boss-lady Addie's permission.

Boss-lady Addie works on, not yet having noticed this transgression.

I build the train and drink a glass of wine, knowing this quiet bliss is soon to be rent by a tornado called boss-lady Addie and her bad post-camp exhaustion-inspired 'tude.



This is not going to end well.

Nolie knows it, too.

The boss-lady tries to mug for the cameras (she knows all about good PR. She's like BP, that way). But everyone knows the jig is up.


  1. Owen would most literally s*^t his pants if he saw that big box of train goodies!

  2. Such devastation, such HORR-AH! What a classic photojournal of the saw it coming, like a train speeding through the night...and then, when it happened, you knew your readers couldn't look away, as if witnessing a train wreck. Oh the metaphorical implications are legion! I suppose saying this post made me crack up isn't being supportive of the fragile egos that were broken during this episode, but really, the pics were perfect, and I remember well coming back post-summer camp...returning home was like reentering earth's atmosphere after a long space flight. ; )~msh