Sunday, June 27, 2010


a family hike where nobody whined

nobody had to be carried

we walked for more than an hour

(and yes, Nolie did choose this particular outfit to hike in, with mama's satin flower in her hair the whole way)

And nobody melted down on the way home, even after skinning a knee running down the path.


--El Dorado Canyon


  1. Gorgeous hike! Gorgeous family! That new camera seems to be quite handy, eh?

  2. Thank you, Cass, for readng and commenting! Eric doesn't really let me touch the camera yet, but as long as I get these beautiful pics, who cares? :)

  3. weeehooooo! Looks like you had a lovely day. And I love the new banner for your blog. HI NOLESTER! Of course Addie would be jumping in the background...little junebug. Ahhh summer. luv- meege