Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chanin Final

Hey!  Here's the Chanin dress:

All told, I think I cut up about 10 t-shirts to make it--three small white ones on the top, and six or seven black ones to make the bottom and black lining on top.  I got most of them for a buck a piece at a yard sale a few weeks back (they used to say "Sirius Radio" on them.)

There are some things I'll do differently next time I make this dress (I'm worried about that white jersey looking grungy after a while).  And I made some mistakes (one of the front seams doesn't line up on the front and bottom--rookie mistake--and one of the shoulders is a little off).  But I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and I'll probably wear it out.  I will say it's not my faaaavorite style on me--maybe a bit high-waisted and tummy-poochy?  But for an upcycle project, quick and dirty, it's alright by me.

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