Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Open Heart

Ah, these kids.  They've just been getting me where it counts, lately.

I changed the sheets on Nolie's bed the other day, and put new pillowcases on.  A couple of months back, Auntie S. had embroidered Nolie a new pillowcase, to help her sleep (remember that?  When we couldn't get Nolie to sleep for longer than five minutes at a time?  I get shivers just thinking about it).

Anyway, the embroidered pillowcase made it back into the rotation a few nights ago and onto Nolie's new big-girl bed (in her own room, mind you).  When she saw it, she positively gushed.  "THIS?  THIS?  This is the pillowcase AUNTIE S. made me!  Oh, mama!  It's SO special!"  And she proceeded to pet the embroidery until I physically made her shut her eyes and go to sleep.  She peeped her eyes open just once and said, "Mama?  Thank you SO much for letting me use my special pillowcase.  I love you SO much."

I mean, geesh.  Thank you, Auntie S.

And then there's Addie, who very matter-of-factly came into our room this morning while getting dressed, and asked, "Mom?  Have you heard about heartstrings?"  "Uh, no, Addie."  "Well, when you really love someone, there are invisible strings connecting their heart to yours."  "We must have tons of strings then, you and me."  "No," she laughed.  "But our string is the biggest of all!"  And out she went.

There you have it.  Heartbreaking sweetness around every corner.

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