Monday, April 25, 2011

Urgent Silliness

Why yes, yes we did end up back in urgent care just one more time last week, before E. got home from Switzerland. 

See, we invited one of Addie's friends over for a playdate, which was great!  We had dinner and did a little crafty thingy and then the girls played upstairs for about 20 minutes while I cleaned up and had some tea.

It was a little bit quiet up there.

I enjoyed, rather than investigated, that quiet.

Anyway, then we had to take our friend home, since it was a school night.  Everybody was bundled into our nifty microvan Shakira, and was happily reading poems to each other.  We are poetry nerds around here, so this is totally normal.  Look away, everyone.  Nothing to see here.

Except that Nolie was sniffling.  Like, a lot.  A LOT!  And even though I was tired and sleep-deprived and pretty out of it, I happened to notice this crazy sniffling.  And so I asked, Nolie, how come you're sniffling?    See, I got instantly worried she had found some paprika or something, some hidden paprika stash that I did not know about, and that we were having a reaction again.

We were not.

Instead, we had decided to put a silly band up our nose.

Yes we had.

Silly bandz, in case you don't know, are elastic rubber-band-type bracelets in various shapes that the kids love to wear in multiples on their little wrists:

They also come in ring sizes.  Which I'm grateful for, elst the night could have turned out differently.

I started laughing and crying at the same time, of course, and by the time we got to our friend's house at about 7pm I was begging them to help me get that thing out of her nose and, like good friends, they said they would.

But we couldn't.  We had her blow and blow and we used a flashlight and though I could feel it when I squoze her little nose up high, we couldn't see it or get it out.

So, off to urgent care.  Where they stuck myriad forms of instrumentation up my baby's right blowhole.  and couldn't get it out.  And couldn't get it out.  And couldn't get it out.  And then started talking about knocking my baby out and doing a little surgery.  And she was grabbing me and sobbing so hard the whole time and I could tell she wasn't quite all there with us from the trauma but I told her we were taking a little break and there was snot pouring out of her nose and the doctor gave her a tissue and told her to try blowing one last time and it came right on out.

We were in bed by 9.  And that was our second trip to the urgent care during the week that E. was gone to Switzerland.  And yes, I did keep that thing.  I figure it can be her "something blue" when she gets married.

P.S.  On the way to school the next morning, Nolie informed me that she "always puts silly bandz up her nose, but this was the first time it got stuck!"  Which, I guess, might solve the mystery of her unpredictable nose snifflies that we thought were maybe seasonal allergies but didn't respond to allergy medicine.  Hmmm.


  1. Oh dear.

    This reminds me of when Rory and I thought that Ember might have put a rock up her nose, but then she denied it. And then she started refusing to blow her nose.

    And then one day I was at my parents' house, and she sneezed, and big round goober flew out on the couch. I snatched it up with Kleenex, and then thought, wow, I'd better look at that. And sure was a piece of pea gravel, covered with slime. And it had been in there hanging out for probably a month.

    I do think Nolie's silly band tops it, though!

  2. Wow cassie, a rock! For a month! Okay, so it was pea gravel but still...I am so glad it is not the tendency of pets to stick things up their noses. In their mouths, yes, but I can deal with cleaning pukeage. JJ, the "something blue" comment? Holding you to that one. HILarious. ~msh