Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joy 24

A quiet day of catching up on chores and a little bit of work and a lot of hanging out.

We've spent money on swim lessons for the girls, of course, but the single most important thing that has helped them to swim has been E. taking them to the pool, every weekend.  Addie used to be afraid of putting her face in the water and wouldn't swim without a floaty.  Now she can freestyle, and both girls do this:

Things like this feel like miracles when you've have to fight for such baby steps, and then they take big leaps on their own.

We had a yummy dinner, and then Addie cashed in on her birthday present, which was a shopping spree at the Brass Armadillo antique mall ($25 on mama).  She had fun picking everything out, and I had a blast watching her evaluate everything for price, quality, texture, and whatever other ineffables seven-year-olds consider important (cuteness, cuddle-ability, oddity, etc.).

What she bought with her money:  A doll for Nolie (the most expensive thing).  A book for Nolie.  A keychain with different kinds of plastic dollar bills attached.  A fake barbie doll set (because there were eight pairs of shoes and a "wine" bottle and glasses and two outfits).  A Care Bear.  A jacks set.

Another perfect day.

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