Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joy 17

We had to clean house this morning because yesterday we were in the birthday party whirlwind and not much got done.  Nolie helped with the musical accompaniment.

I had no idea how much joy Nolie's singing brought me until this project.

In fact, I'm ashamed to admit I had not fully realized how much joy, period, my children bring me until this project.

So, we cleaned toilets.

Then I got to go knit with some fellow lady-gals while it snowed unexpectedly.  
And there were brownies there.
Then I got to come home and grade student blogs.
There were no brownies there.
It was mostly depressing.
Then I got to make tex-mex pizzas for dinner.
They were delicious.
Then I put the girls down.
Then I took a hot bath.
And now I am going to do some yoga and try to stretch out my right hamstring, which is still royally effed up from playing volleyball the other night.

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