Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joy 23

The perfect re-entry.  I was so wiped out from crying over Pru and traveling and trying to hold it together, and E let me sleep in, then brought me coffee.  I finally got up and started one of the 20 loads of laundry we had to do this weekend (Pru had fouled a couple of the beds, unfortunately) and then we took Milo for a walk up at Church Ranch ditch.  The sun did us all good.

We hung laundry on the line all day, worked in the garden, but not too strenuously, and eventually I succombed to the call of the hammock. E and I looked at each other and said, simultaneously "margaritas."

We put the call out on Facebook, and friends filtered in and out all day.  I realized my new favorite word was "togetherness."

So, so glad to be home.

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