Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Opposite of Chillaxing

I hate crying in the morning, don't you? It makes me so sleepy for the rest of the day, plus there is a sadness residual that hangs around even when the sadness itself is gone. It's a haunting.

Addie's home with strep throat again today. She's on the mend, but had a rough night last night so we're keeping her home for one extra day just to be on the safe side. We sent her to school yesterday morning but the school nurse called us right back to come get her. Lesson learned.

Anyway, we found out last week that Addie was accepted to the gifted and talented program for first grade, which is great, right? We were told in the acceptance letter to register her at her new school by March 1st or she would lose her place. Being the eager beaver that I am, I called right away to find out how to register, and was told there would be a GT parents' tour and registration this morning. Great! I thought. But also, weird, that I had to call and wasn't really contacted about it by them. Good for me for being proactive, right?

So, Eric agreed to stay home with sick Addie this morning, and I took Nolie to school and then headed to the new school for Addie. Which is about a million miles out of the way, you should know, and will require another huge shift in schedule and routine and add a bunch of driving to my life every day starting next fall. But it's a great school and a great program, so we're strongly considering it, because that's what you do as a parent, right? You try to make good things happen for your kids.

But I get to the school's office this morning (after going to the wrong school first, mind you, which made me late, and I'm always a little stressed when I'm late) and tell the secretary why I'm there and she goes, "Oh! You didn't get the memo! That's been canceled."

Right. I didn't get the memo. Beeeee-yoooootch.

I cried the whole way home, banging on my steering wheel occasionally for emphasis. I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this. How am I supposed to finish everything I need to finish at work AND deal with signing my kids up at different schools, with their different closure days and different spring breaks and different drop-offs and pick-ups and meetings that get canceled? How am I supposed to have sick kids and finish a book? How am I supposed to prepare for a major career review and also make good home-cooked meals? How am I supposed to finish the journal and also make sure my kids flush their poops down the toilet? How? How? How?

Well. There you go. Total meltdown. Tears in the morning. They're the worst.


  1. Great! Holy crap, I sympathize...then I hit you this morning with my sorry sap email about my mental little boy....great. That is great news about A! I'm sure we could have used a marg this evening....

  2. No way! It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one fretting about this stuff.

    And YES! Margaritas! But maybe I'll wait till after class. ;)