Monday, January 4, 2010

On the Inside

Today is all about easing back into full-time work--the last round of reviews on manuscripts for the journal are all in, and I need to pen an introduction this week, among other things. But, a quick break to say:

My little one just went with her papa back to school, and oh, did I feel so sad at seeing her go. My big girl is still here at home with me today and tomorrow, thanks to some in-service days at her school, and she is reading quietly next to me in bed while I type. In the past, I've been ready to shoo these girls out the door at the end of vacation, so I could get back to my "real" work. Of course, I see now that there are multiple "real" works, and I have loved these last few weeks immersed in the mommy kind. I'm glad to be getting back to the paid kind, too, but will miss the long days with these kids.

I don't think I'm the only one feeling this way, over this particular winter break, but join a bunch of others who are wishing for a few more days, or a change in the overall rhthym and requirements of things that allow for more space, peace, quiet, family, all the time.

The frost is still on our balcony railing, the snow still on some branches, and geese are honking loudly overhead. It's only inside that things are changing.

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