Thursday, January 7, 2010

The List of Happiness

Just when you thought this blog couldn't get any more inane, I feel compelled to pronounce that a few simple things are making me very happy these days.

First, the new NBC sitcom Community, starring The Soup's Joel McHale (snarky hotness) and set on a community college campus. It fills me with glee, unlike Glee, which sucks donkeys.

Second, charcoal gray wool pants. When it's 5 degrees below zero outside and you have to go to work in something other than your flannel jammies, nothing beats a pair of Banana Republic wool trousers. Especially if you have a big ass and a prominent lumbar lordosis, like yours truly. Ba-DONK!

Third, I've almost finished my knitting project (and a sewing one, too) and I really will post pictures this time. I swear. Cuz they look good, for once. Noooo dropped stitches.

Fourth, I have almost finished the three major projects that have been chomping my ass for the past few months: the book, the journal, and my 3rd year review. Those will be done just in time to get chomped at by a chapter, some encyclopedia entries, and a new grant project, all due soon. But who's thinking about that? This is a list of happiness!

Fifth, the new PBS series The Emotional Life. It's so good. Especially when you're wickedly neurotic and prone to all sorts of self-diagnoses, like moi. You should check it out and diagnose yourself, too. It's fun.

Hells yeah!

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