Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Information

I've slowed down posting the last few days because some information is flowing into my life from all sorts of areas and I'm just trying to soak it up and stay open, open, open. I was praying last week for help with my health, and imagined it coming from all corners. I even thought about sending an email out to friends and family asking for help--send any advice you have, books you've read, exercises you've tried, doctors you trust...but I didn't send it. I just sent out the prayer.

Maybe emails don't work as well as prayers, anyway. Because a flood of help is arriving. Friends offering up spiritual counseling and career advice and the name and number of a good rolfer. Books and relaxation techniques and insights and artist's group. Phone calls and hugs and meaningful conversations. Loads of love.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads at work, too. Having just wrapped up some projects and about to embark on some new ones, I can make new choices. Do things differently. Imagine different futures. Which is scary and completely necessary, and my body isn't letting me ignore what my brain has been ignoring for a while, about what I get to do for a living and how I do it. So that is an interesting place to be.

And then there's the fact that E tore down a staircase and a wall and built a floor in our former guest bedroom and now I have an honest-to-goodness studio! I can see all the things I use to create. I have room to move, and lots of light. It don't have electricity or runnin water yet, ma, but it's home! With some burly friends' help (thank you J and J), E conquered it in a weekend. Before and after pictures will come eventually, when the floor's done and we've painted. But everything's put away for now and it looks and feels amazing.

Which is more information.

Now. For what to do with it.

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