Sunday, September 26, 2010


Just want to say that last week was pretty darned hard for a number of reasons.  Not least of which was that Milo got really, really sick from mushroom poisoning, leaving pond-sized duke puddles in our backyard and throwing up like you wouldn't believe.

We didn't realize it was mushroom poisoning until he got better.  So we were doubly blessed, first by the fact that he got better (thank God, because I freaking LOVE that dog.  It's unreasonable how much I love him).  Second by the fact that we didn't have to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills to get him better.  He somehow got better on his own.

Sometimes it's good to be slow on the uptake.

Here's a picture of Milog the Dilog with his little pint-sized friend Darcy (actually a real dog, even if she doesn't look like it):

And here's a picture of the false morels that made Milo turn into a poo/barf spout.  They're poisonous to animals and humans alike, so dig em out of your yard if you find them.

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  1. That's icky momma. I think I have seen those in our yards too. Had no idea. So glad MyLow (that can be his rap name) made it through OK!