Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bugle Boys and Spangled Allergies

I have only a minute before I have to get back to work, but I have two things to share.  One, my remake of Shabby Apple's fantastic Bugle Boy Dress, pictured here:

Shoot.  I really love this dress.  But they don't have it in my size.  So I made one.  It's not nearly as purty and polished, but it's something of a resemblance.  Sorry I don't have better pics.

Yes, the bottom is navy and the belt is black.  I'm okay with that.  Here it is, belted and with a cardigan for work:

Yes, I'm taking these pictures at work.  I'll be getting back to it in a second, boss, don't you worry!

You can't see the big white flower too well in these pics.  That big white flower just gives E. the fits, but I try to explain to him it's fashion, baby, fashion.


Did I mention E. is turning 40 today?  Can you believe it?  Happy birthday, honey pie.  Someday I might post some pictures from a very silly party we had to help him celebrate.  Might.


The other thing is that I came home from work last night and went in to kiss Addie good night, and she tells me she's allergic to the Star Spangled Banner.  I asked Eric later what that was all about, and he said that Addie's class is studying civics in school, and yesterday they were studying the anthem.  When she got home, she asked him to sing it to her, and he did, and she started bawling like a baby calf.  Real tears, not drama tears.  She was really feeling the song.  But she kept asking him to sing it, and then she'd bawl some more.  It just touched her in some way.  Finally she concluded she must just be allergic to it and made him stop.

She has a big old soft heart, that girl.  I can't wait to torture her with Steel Magnolias some day.


  1. I love the dress (been admiring that one myself for awhile...,) and Addie's sentiment is so so sweet!

  2. I love the dress too. It makes an excellent work outfit! Wished I sew more.

  3. Wow J! That is really awesome. Good job! I lurve it and that's just not the head injury talking.