Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Along

Hey there, friends.

I'm getting along.  It's the third week of the semester already, and I've survived Nolie's school being closed for ten days, E. getting completely ripped at a baseball game, three soccer practices and two soccer games, one of my best friends being hospitalized for a horrible leg-break (you wouldn't believe her story if I told you), E. getting the stomach flu, Nolie having a fever reaction to immunizations, countless faculty meetings, a wretched trip to the urologist (I'm fine, though I don't know if my hoo-ha will recover), a backyard campout with four dogs, six kids, and six sleepless, drunk adults, and a bunch of other crap I won't bore you with.

When I say I needed a chocolate milkshake today, I mean it.  I finished that thing in about thirty seconds.  The rip in my heart mended just a wee bit as a result, so it's worth whatever cardio nonsense I have to do to make up for it.

I have been finding the need to sew and make a few little extras here and there.  Seems like the more stressed I get, the more I make stuff.  When I'm happy, me no sew.  I haven't had time to take good pictures, though, so I'll just show you these crappy pictures and you'll have to use your imaginations.  Imagine me brilliant and gorgeous and without eye wrinkles, would you?

This one here is a brooding photo I took on the mac at night, so the light is creepy.  I'm not intentionally frowning and pulling back my cheeks:  it's just all I could muster at the end of a long day.  Focus instead on the headband.  I got joshed for trying to look like the Karate Kid the other night, but I think what that person meant to say is that this was a gorgeous piece of headgear.  Next.

This is not intended to be just a picture of my knock-knocks but rather of a shirt I embroidered ages ago. It's not backwards in real life.  It says, "I Roll Fat Bobbins."

I crack myself up.

I also made that necklace.  I thought I was hot shit for wearing two things I made at the same time.  Next.

Less of a boob shot on this one.  Trying to get a shot of the denim beaded cuff, but it turned out too dark.  Here's a wee close-up:

Also, who ordered those under-eye wrinkles?  Were those in the J. Crew catalog?  Did they come from Amazon?  I don't remember paying for those, and yet there they are.

Cue the violins.  Here's the piece de resistance:

That's right.  Bucking bronco jammie shorts.  You may now die and go to heaven.

Enjoy this brilliant post.  I'm off to teach class.