Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tooth on the Loose

I'm glad all of you liked my morning pictures. I'll try to post more pictures of me looking psychotic. I laugh my own ass off looking at those, and it's quite liberating to just embrace one's complete lack of photogenicity and just rock the hilarity, you know? I mean, let's do it. Remember when Oprah printed those pictures of her un-made-up self in O? Well, maybe you don't remember that if you're not a recovering Oprah fan, like myself. But I remember being pretty stoked and inspired by that move.

Not that I'm Oprah. I'm just saying.

Speaking of other great things, Miss A. has lost her first tooth. Sorry for the bloody goo, but we did have to take this picture, and I must post it, because this is a momentous and important thing. My.

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  1. What a beautiful and precious child you have. -Julie