Friday, March 5, 2010

Anchorage, Pt. 3

A walking tour:

A shot of the inlet, which I mistakenly referred to as a "bay" earlier (oops). Not sure what's up with the glove. I took my hand out of my own mitten for 30 seconds to shoot this picture and nearly lost a finger to frostbite. That morning wind is no joke.

I don't think there's any sort of definitive architectural style in Anchorage. It's part Soviet-bloc, part Western frontier, part Scandinavian-modern. The Scandinavian parts remind me of my visits to Sweden, where everything is brightly colored and lit, presumably so that people don't go off the deep end during those endless winter months. All I can say is that if E. would let me put these awesome circles on our house, I would.

Who are these dudes? Why are they on the side of a building? One looks like a Star Trek captain; another like Ted Stevens. Weird.

A very, very good $5.00 lunch. Tomato noodle soup and handmade bread. And some good reading for after.

Followed by the most brilliant invention ever: drinking chocolate. This is not hot chocolate, nor is it hot fudge. It's kind of like both, but a thousand times better. Sweet Jesus in a cup.

And here's me, very happy in my new, bright red, extra-cozy hat.


  1. LOVE the new hat! It *does* look a little like Berlin there...--msh

  2. Oh please bring home the chocolate in the cup! -TT