Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upcycle Update

I haven't been sewing much, because for some reason at 9:15 every night my body has been going into a coma and I fall asleep, ne'er to be seen again until 6:30 when the evil ones come in and jump on the my head and the clink of the coffee cup on my bedside warns me of impending doom.  I've been feeling quite joyful and peaceful, lately, too, so maybe it's all that happiness that's wearing me out.  Not sure.  Also, been working a lot.

BUT I have been drooling over a few holiday catalogs (the usuals:  anthropologie, garnet hill, sundance, j.crew) whose clothing I cannot afford.  Plus, I have a genetic aversion to buying expensive clothes new.  The craving is still there, though, especially for all the bright, sparkly things in fall line-ups this year.  I want I want I want!  Me want sparkles!  I'm like a fish that way.  Bright, sparkly, hook, frying pan.  That's me.

So as the girls were taking their bath last night and E. monitored election results (yay for Hickenlooper!  Yay for Brown!), I attacked with scissors and a rotary cutter a sequined evening gown my grandmother sent me last year and sewed these big sequiny flowers onto an Old Navy tee.  Took about 12 minutes.


That seems to be my pose, the arms akimbo thing, eh?  You must be weary of it.  How about another shot?

Hard to give you a close-up without it being a total boob shot, but here we go:


Anyway, you can feel bad for the sequined gown if you like, but it was totally Falcon Crest--big shoulders, shaped like a sack.  It deserved to get hacked.  Plus, it's a ton of material and will service many reJuJu tees in the future, I'm sure.

I think this gives me awesome professorial pizzazz, don't you?

I almost wrote pizzass.  Which I also have some of.


  1. I'm so with you...I have a wish list...but that little wish list sure adds up the $$ fast. As soon as I have some spare time and weird new mama energy boosts, I'll be doing some serious sewing!

  2. So, did you sew one on the lower left side too? Looks nice. I like.