Saturday, November 6, 2010


Had to look up how to spell that.

We had a few hours today and considered going on a family hike because it's so freaking gorgeous out.  But Addie was having some trouble with her feelings today, and I thought a date might be in order.  She said we couldn't go to any stores for our date (Who, me?  Wanting to go shopping?  Shocking).  So we decided to participate in a little craftiness, using this wonderful book.  We did NO Halloween crafting this year, but rectified that with this little Thanksgiving masterpiece:

We did have to go to the grocery store to get the gourds and tissue paper (the directions called for dried corn and corn husks, but for some reason King Soopers doesn't stock that as a staple, so we just cut up some construction paper petals and cut some grasses from our dead gardens, and threw in some Werthers for shine and yumminess).  But even the trip to the store was relatively painless, and Addie wasn't too peeved about it.  Everything else we had.

Fun times, and a good reminder from the mouth of babes that it's often better to make than buy.  If we had been even more creative, we would have just collected leaves and stuff from outside and skipped the gourds.  Next time!

You get the idea, anyway.  What would you put in your cornucopia?

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