Thursday, November 11, 2010

And Then I Was Bummed

First, I was happy, because my kid with the stomach problems is doing really, really well on the new program.  I mean, we don't need to get too graphic, right?  But things are really, um, flowing well.  Super well.  Super-duper...

You get the picture.

And then I was bummed, because some time in the last two weeks she developed the most rotten attitude I have ever seen.  It's like living with a reality show monster.  A teenage werewolf.  A snot-nosed brat.

I don't mean those things.

But, honestly, I maybe think them, just a little, in some far off corner of my brain, every time she snatches something out of my hand and rolls her eyes at my stupidity and then screams at me for loving every square inch of her six-year-old little know-it-all self.

Yeah, go ahead and chuckle, we get the kids we deserve, she's hoisting me on my own petard, blahdiblahdiblah.  Blah blah.  That just makes me mad at you, too.

None of my tricks are working, either.  We've tried points charts and time-outs and loving talks and extra attention and she still is just acting like funky mold in the pesto jar.

I need some help on this one.  I need some time for thought.  Some patience.  Extra love in my heart.  A new gimmick.

Maybe a mommy's night off.

Cause it just ain't working right now.  I'm about to ship this kid to I don't know where.

You know what I mean.


  1. I know what you mean. I'm there with you, mama. What do we do?

  2. Oh, good Lord, I have no idea. But it gives me a little peace to know someone else might be going through something similar. Maybe it's just a phase? Maybe it's going to pass and we won't even remember it? Maybe it's not about our parenting but something they are just going through? I hope so....

  3. Lord knows, I don't have the answer, just firm but loving...consistency...not too long are calm but honest...patience knowing that "This, too, shall pass." Good luck.