Monday, August 9, 2010

Today was

  • snuggling with the girls and E. in bed this morning, and feeling overwhelmed by how much I love these people, these ones with their soft skin and dark hair and limbs all over the place.
  • helping E get the girls off to camp, and promising Nolie that she can stay home with me tomorrow, but not today, because today I am tired, tired, tired.
  • catching up on email, updating the to-do list, and missing the sterility of a hotel room in a foreign country that demands nothing of me.
  • napping.  I don't know why sitting in airports and on planes should be so exhausting, but it just is.  I am wore out.
  • vacuuming, laundering, unpacking.
  • watching reality tv.
  • listening to the quiet.  London in summer has to be the most vibrant place I have ever been.  There was no time when the streets were not completely swamped with people, when pubs were not overflowing onto the sidewalks, when we were not dancing, or shopping at the markets, or working with committed, brilliant people.  Arvada--my home, my favorite place, but also so, so quiet--might as well be on a different planet.  But it's a planet I love coming home to.
  • reflecting on how much I learned about myself on this trip (not expecting that at all) and about my friends, who also happen to be my coworkers, and how amazingly lucky is that?

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