Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nolie at Four

I was in London for Nolie's actual fourth birthday, which was last Friday, so I am late in writing this.  I had promised the kids and E. that I wouldn't miss anymore holidays or birthdays for work travel, and then I screwed up and missed Nolie's birthday.  Shit.  At least her party is this upcoming weekend, and I'll get to see her face then, when she blows out candles at Chuck E. Cheese's.

May this be our last Chuck E. Cheese party.

I have so many feelings about my baby turning four.  Four was a pivotal age for me:  my little brother was born, my mom got sick (the first time), we were moving a lot.  It's when I start to have glimmers of memories.  It's the year when most kids really make the transition from being toddlers to kids.  I'm seeing this with Nolie, for sure.

So, Nolie, at four:

--can go to sleep by herself now, but still manages to crawl in between us every morning, hugging us tight in her sleep and making squeaks and grunts that indicate she is dreaming big dreams.

--says things like, "Yeah, mom, you bet!" and "You know, I will always love this face," while squeezing my cheeks between her hands.

--is obsessed with Uno.  She can't hold all of her cards at once, but keeps them in a little box, and can remember all of them without looking.  She knows when she has a green seven and loves to punish you with a Take Four whenever possible.  She is smart and competitive and something of a sore loser still, but getting better.  She might get that from me.  Maybe a little.

--is growing long legs; can run fast; can jump high; loves to dance like a fairy princess; loves to fart on your leg, screaming, "I tooted on you, I tooted on you!" laughing uproariously.

--has been waiting to be a "big girl" at school for what feels like forever and now, finally, is one.

--still cowers at fireworks and thunder, but then shakes her fist and says, "You stupid thundah!  Go on away from heah!"

--has trouble with her r's.

--just wants someone to play with her.

--has fun at school but always, always wants to stay home with mommy.

--gets incredibly bored staying home with mommy.

--prefers skirts and dresses to shorts and pants.

--can brush her own hair.

--loves to help me make dinner, but still will only eat five kinds of food, most of which are devoid of any flavor or color.

--is my sweet, loving, outrageous beastie, my little bug, my gorgeous child, and always will be.

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl.

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  1. catching up with the spit...oh nolie, you make me swoon and laugh and open up my heart just a little bit more every time I see you. Happy belated Birthday. I love you. --Auntie M