Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Taking a Break

Not from blogging.  You would never be so lucky!

Nope, I'm taking a break from reJuJu.

See, I haven't been interested in sewing for weeks now.  Knitting either.  Which is pretty weird for me, yeah?

And I've been thinking, maybe it's because it became something else I had to do.  Another item in a long to-do list.  The stores needed stuff to sell, and I had to make that stuff.  Needed, had to.  Not my favorite words, always.

I've also been thinking that it's because I started thinking more about what I thought would sell than what I felt like making.  I know it shouldn't have affected me, but it just sort of quashed my creativity.  I don't totally understand this, but it happened.

For example, this crazy ruffled tee is probably too out there to sell in either store:

It's a little rugby-meets-beauty pageant.  But I really liked making it.  It felt silly and creative and exciting.  I haven't felt that feeling in a while.

The new semester is starting, too, with lots of new projects on the horizon.  I feel reinvigorated by work and don't need to grasp at other career ideas so much (not that reJuJu was a career.  More of a career-fantasy, maybe).  The kids are playing soccer and having playdates and starting school.  I like snuggling with Eric and watching Tosh.0 at night.  I want sewing to be something I get to do and not something I have to do.

I'll miss that little bit of spending money I earned, but in the end, if I'm choosing between how I spend my time and how I spend my money, I guess I'm more interested in time.

I sound a little defensive.  I guess I'm afraid of quitting, and part of me feels like I'm quitting.  But mostly I know I'm not.  I know I'm just taking a break, giving myself a break, and that's just the right medicine.


  1. It's exactly the reason I haven't taken that same step (minus not having anywhere except etsy to market my stuff.) When sewing becomes a chore, it's no fun. Enjoy your break! Sew for fun!

  2. hi there. i just ran across your blog when reading about parenting and wanted to say that i think that top you made is outstanding and i would absolutely expect to see it in stores here in london. i understand having too much on your plate, but dont put that talent down for long. you're very creative.
    i enjoy your posts and your innovative ideas for overcoming very common parenting problems. keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for your kinds words, and for reading! I appreciate all of it :).