Saturday, May 29, 2010

Truer Words

We're doing our thing this weekend so I may not post for a few days (I hope you're doing your thing, too), but this passage from Ode Magazine jumped out at me, and I wanted to share it for pondering during these fine days:

...we only experience pleasure--real pleasure--when our attention is entirely engaged by one thing: having a conversation, preparing a meal, watching a gripping film; only, that is, when we're not dividing our attention between tasks. Our attention is pure energy. It transforms whatever it comes into contact with. Animals and children know this far better than we do. Over and above food, warmth or money, it's attention they're really looking for when they come to us. And they bask in our attention as though it's sunshine. Adults are the same way when they're passionately in love: nothing can beat gazing endless into the loved one's eyes.

Hope you have lots of gazing coming your way...

...and lots of silly dress-up, too.

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