Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pretty much the perfect day

Got to sleep in today (okay, I get to sleep in every Sunday, but "sleeping in" when you have a dog and little kids is until 7:30, okay? Eric does get up with them all at ungodly hours, the dear man. So today I got to "sleep in" without guilt). Munchkins brought me coffee, chocolate, and strawberries in bed, plus excellent gifts they made at school. Here's the card that goes with Addie's gift, which was a little wooden boxed festooned with many, many glued-on feathers:

In case you can't read it, it says, "Mom, I hope you have fun with this darn thing. Addie."

That's probably a harbinger of things to come, don't you think?

Next: When you have a day that's all about you, for heaven's sake, it's time to paint your toenails, and the toenails of everyone who will sit still.

The freakin' weather is finally cooperating, so we got to have a lovely brunch outside with our lovely friends. And did lots of digging for worms. We might even have created a habitat for them called "Worm's Night Out." Yum.

And, most important, Ke$ha's babies hatched.

Happy Mother's Day!

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