Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stirring Jam

Oooh, sorry for the gap in posts, all seven of you loyal readers out there. I had to get final grades in and had some marathon end-of-semester meetings, and now someone in my household (I won't say who) is in Switzerland installing light-powered gizmos, so I'm single-parenting for the moment, and have dove right into that, attending parties and baseball games and picnics with the little ones.

Also, we got new Motorola Droids, and let me tell you, for as big a disappointment as that freaking Blackberry was, the Droid is most fantastically at the other end of the spectrum. I tend to be a bit technology-phobic, but I've taken to the Droid like a duck to water.


And reJuJu is selling quite briskly in a certain Colorado mountain town boutique, much to my surprise, so I've been spending my free time at night sewing rather than blogging.

It's summer now, though, so that should shift a little. You know. Shifties.

But here's another poem a friend sent me, and I quite like it, so I'll leave you with this:

About a Boy Stirring Jam

A wooden spoon for stirring jam,
Dripping sweet tar, while in the pan
Plum magma’s bubbles blather.
For someone who can’t grasp the whole
There’s salvation in the remembered detail.
What, back then, did I know about that?
The real, hard as a diamond,
Was to happen in the indefinable
Future, and everything seemed
Only a sign of what was to come. How naïve.
Now I know inattention is an unforgivable sin
And each particle of time has an ultimate dimension.

--Janusz Szuber

Whoa. Talk about a reflection on staying in the present.

See that jam stirring, friends, and make those memories.


  1. I should come spend some time with the girls some evening this week...I miss you. Congrats on reJuJu! That is wonderful. I'm working on cleaning out the closet soon...I hope. I got my fat clothes, my skinny clothes and in between clothes! Maybe there will be something you can use.

  2. Oh I just loved this post. And I love jam. So it's a bonus, yes?
    This auntie too is willing to take the girls for a spell...and I know Pants is dun diddly done as of today (I think?) so she's around soo.
    Way to rock it on reJuJu! SEEEEE! I told you. ART. One of a kind. You've got talent, sister.
    xo msh


    Android's are good for your health too?