Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Slides

Today was the first day back at work in a meetings-in-the-office-all-day sort of way.  I was sort of dreading it, but am also sort of tired of the endless travel and unstructuredness of the days, and was maybe out of sorts at first.  It ended up being a lovely, easy day, and I was reminded that I very often like my work, and how lucky that makes me.

And I was also struck with some premature nostalgia for the summer, which is almost already all gone:


Universal Studios
Waiting in line for the Despicable Me ride

With Fuffikins

In Sweden
The Bob Marley Room, Delft

The Netherlands
Big tooth lost, on a paddle boat in the middle of Redfish Lake.

The Sawtooths

Payette Lake

Ponderosa Pines, Magic

Tomorrow, I'm off to Logan Canyon for a writing spurt with the Hive.  Last trip for a while; I'm so grateful for everything that made these trips possible this summer, and am also so grateful that soon it will be time to be home, and to give myself over to the rhythms of fall and family as we return to school and routine.

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