Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Summer

Really, I can't get enough of this not working for a few weeks thing.  I mean, I've struggled a little with what to do with all the normal anxiety and guilt and stuff, but now I'm really easing into it, really feeling the slower pace wash over me.  It's so interesting to wake up and not have to rush the girls to school, to not have to check email, or buy anything, or do anything, or be anywhere.  It's like being at camp.

There are the slow wake-ups in the morning, the best part of my day, where I open my eyes only because some little body has crawled over the top of mine and is huddling under the comforter with her own sleepy face.

There is morning coffee in the swing...

There are evening cocktails under the umbrella...

There are nights at the amusement park...

And afternoons in the hammock with a good book...

Stuff is growing everywhere,

and then there is this big dog who just wants to be petted, and to have his ball thrown, and to be fed treats.

It's a good life.

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  1. Love you Jen. It IS a good life. -MSH