Monday, June 11, 2012


Turns out that Addie spent some time recently educating her school mates (incorrectly, I hear) about the birds and the bees.  Also, she has been educating me about swear words.

I know all the big swear words, Mama.

Oh really?

Yep.  B is for [whisper, giggle] BUTT!

Oh, right.  B is for butt.  What else?

C is for...

Wait, C?

Yeah, C!

Okay.  [Gulp].

C is for CRAP!

Right!  C is for crap.  Totally a swear word.

And F...



F is for fart?

NO!  F is for fuck!

Right.  Those are the ABCs of swear words, my friends, brought to you by your friendly elementary school bathroom stall.

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