Monday, January 9, 2012

Addie Sees

Addie royally failed her vision screening at school a few weeks back.  E. had been suspecting for a while that her vision wasn't good and, in fact, it's worse than both of ours.  Her optometrist said that if she were an adult, she'd be forbidden from driving without glasses.

Kind of explains why she has insisted on being so close to the t.v. screen, and why she's had trouble seeing the smartboard at school.  Might also explain some of her ongoing clumsiness.  We'll see.

Anyway, her glasses were finally ready today.  Lord, how she's been waiting.  E. said she got them and put them on and the first thing she said was, "These make my life so much better."

That's pretty awesome.

Course, we had to stop by Claire's and get Nolie her very own pair for $2.99.

I'm worried about Addie's glasses getting lost or broken.  I'm hoping that her being able to see will be enough incentive for her to take care of them.  But if you have any suggestions for how to get your kid to take care of their glasses, please let me know.

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