Wednesday, August 10, 2011


At yoga this morning our teacher reminded us all that this is a time of transitions, and that we will be better off if we can be mindful of that fact over the coming weeks, rather than wondering what the hell is happening to us.

Uh, no shit.

I registered the girls for school today--Addie for 2nd grade and Nolie for kindergarten.  I'm getting ready to go to Utah for a few days to write/drink/hike/whatever with some scholarly-types (this will be an interesting experiment in socially working.  Working socially.  Working and socializing.  I don't know).  I get back Sunday and E leaves for ten days for Sweden.  I have a week to finish prepping for classes, then school starts for all of us.  I don't feel as crazy about this as I usually do (thank you, running.  Thank you, prepping for classes early).  But, you know, all piled seems a little big.

Roundabout way of saying I forgot to post my usual birthday paean to my girl Nolie, who turned five on Saturday.  Well, I didn't forget.  I felt a little lazy (again, thank you, running).  And unsure of what to say.  Maybe a little weepy, too.  I mean, check this kid out:

But there are some things I want Nolie to know about herself someday, about how she was when she was five, and they are these things:

You have a heart as big as the world.  You speak whimsically and sweetly and openly about your love for me, your dad, your sister, your other family members and your friends and teachers.  You want more than anything to be liked and loved by others, and when you are feeling unloved, you are openly devastated.

You taught yourself to read a few months ago.  You explain it this way:  "I decided that I wanted to read one day, and so I picked up a book and, well, I just did it!"  That explains a lot about how you move in the world.

You believe in your strengths.  You want to be a rock star, because you "love singing and dancing just sooo much."  Or, you want to be a nurse, or a massage therapist, because "you know how to take care of people just right."

You are head over heels in love with Justin Bieber.  "Baby" is your favorite song.  You go on and on about how it makes you blush.

You are the pickiest eater on the planet.  It drives me completely bonkers, and I worry about how you are going to survive on only plain pasta and crackers for the rest of your life.

You are kind.  You are feisty.  You have a light touch.  You are a wrecking ball.  Your personality is irresistible.  You are relentless.

When I don't pay you enough attention, you break something, or hurt yourself, or do something otherwise "naughty" to get it.  Then I use a harsh voice with you.  Then you collapse into a million tears.  Then we have a lovey moment of reconciliation.  I'm sure I'm training you to have horrible relationship dynamics later in life.

You played your last soccer game of the season wearing your ladybug antennae, and scored three goals in a row.  You are fearless, physically.

You have grown almost two inches since New Year's Day.  You still have a sweet round tummy.

You are sleeping through the night most nights now.  Thank GOD.

You miss your friends from preschool fiercely, especially Sophie.  You are terrified of going to the new school.  You are really excited to go to the new school.

You are still shy in group situations, and I have to always promise you that you can stay in my lap until you feel comfortable enough to venture off on your own.  Then I can't get you back.

The big girls hurt your feelings a lot by not including you.  More than anything, you want to be included.

But you are always a part of us, no matter what.  You are so, so loved, my little bug.  What a blessing you are, to all of us.


  1. HAPPYEVERYTHING Nolie. Sitting here loving you. -love, Yer Aunties M & S (all the way from Cali)

  2. The most precious little bug of all. No wonder you have an army of aunties that love you so much we could explode! xo auntie TT

  3. Thank you for allowing me to know your youngest Sweetness! What an amazing legacy you're giving her.

  4. You Aunties are the BEST! Love you all.

  5. And you are super FUNNY, Nolester! And I love your sing-songy voice! And you don't even know how confident you are, and I hope someone will remind you when you're maybe 11 and you forget for one second how to be confident! And few things feel better than you jumping into my arms!

    Happy birthday, again!

    Aunt Nanny