Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Cell Photos

It's time for another installment of Random Cell Photos--pictures taken on my camera over the last few weeks that I'm only just pulling off now.  The girls just had their first day of school today, E. gets back from Sweden tomorrow night (thank Christ) and I start classes tomorrow.  I was a mixed-up ball of emotions today, swinging from excitement for my kids, to an odd bereavement at watching Nolie go through that kindergarten door, to fear that I had skin cancer (I don't, just a weirdo spot on my cheek), to annoyance with a coworker (so soon!), to gratitude for everyone I work with, to boredom at a meeting (so soon!).  Anyway, on with the images.

Nolie, way back in June, at the beginning of the soccer season:

Perhaps hands-in-pants helps you to play better.  We signed both girls up for more soccer this fall.  Nolie is a beast on the field, going after the ball with much aggressiveness and focus.  Addie likes to play goalie, which enables her to coach her teammates.  They love that.

Shots from Bogota.  Our hotel was art-deco-themed--the hotel was called Casa Deco, which we quickly changed to Casa Loco--and each room was decorated around a particular painting.  Here was ours:

Baby on Mama.  I remember how that felt.

From the tram up a very steep hill to Montserrate, a chapel at the top of a mountain overlooking Bogota.

The tram, seen from above:

Bogota, from Montseurat:

And, at night, after dining at a lovely french restaurant, where I mistakenly ordered a friend pate instead of stew.  God bless my french:

My lovely, funny, and kind roommate for the trip, Chris, and my friend Juan, who is Colombian and an amazing interpreter, tour guide, and dance instructor:

Addie, holding the first of two teeth lost this summer.  This was when E. was in Switzerland.  She tried to brush it so it would be clean for the Tooth Fairy and ended up dropping it down the sink.  She wrote a lovely note, though, and the Tooth Fairy still paid her for the tooth.  The Tooth Fairy got very, very tired one night and forgot to pay her on the second tooth, however, and had to write a note of her own apologizing:

Everyone who knows Addie was relieved when she lost that little front tooth because that other front tooth is positively GINORMOUS and it looked a little strange:

Wicked fashion sense.  Her face looks freaky here, but check out the fearless denim-on-denim action, paired with the Paper Moon hat:

Nolie, playing soccer on her fifth birthday, in her ladybug antennae:

Appreciating Rupert being outside my window every morning:

B.B. King, playing the Botanic Gardens at 85 years old, flirting with the ladies in the front row:

Girls, on their first day of school (Nolie, kindergarten, Addie, second grade):

And, summer?  That's a wrap.

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