Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joy 8

Friday was not the best day.  I was, um, cyclically grumpy, shall we say?  But at least I got to work from home, and then we got to head up to the mountains to say in our friends' condo.  So it's hard to complain, right?

That's snow blowing past the car window, there.  On our side of the Eisenhower tunnel and the continental divide, it was all sunshine and budding wildflowers.  Pop under that mountain, and come out the other side, and it's a blizzard.

I think that's probably a metaphor for something.  My attitude, maybe, which just got darker as the night wore on.  But I suppose we all have those moments, and what can you do?  You just go to bed, and get up the next morning, and see if things look different.

And they did.

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