Friday, March 18, 2011

Joy 1: Screw Flowers for My Desk

Because E. had the day off (his boss is Irish, so he gets the Friday after St. Patrick's day off), we did this:

No kids, no deadlines, no rush, no traffic.  Just beautiful snow, a beautiful day.  Nothing but joy.

The flower was a lame way to start the joy project anyway.  Stay tuned for tomorrow!


  1. if you point out the " cheat," where's the joy in that? No need. Joy comes in things other than what the brain tells us it does. Open the barn doors to that immense heart of yours. Is there joy in those darkened stables? Today's joy(s) for me... Eating a real hush puppie. Surviving 5 days straight of constant FOX news (Including full length beck) without losing my shit on my dad. And my amazing wife sighing at the everpresent wisteria hanging from the trees. Love you JJ. -msh

  2. Wow, didn't know you ride so purty! Smooth MF!


    p.s., finally figured out the trick on posting comments to your damn blog. only took a few years.

  3. Woooo! Purty is right, sister. -Ju