Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Wishes

Last Year's 12 Wishes for 2010 were:

1.  Happy, healthy family.
2.  Find joy at work.
3.  Enjoy kids' enthusiasm.
4.  Show compassion to kids.
5.  Make time for things we enjoy.
6.  Feel fit and strong.
7.  Play!
8.  More sincerity, less sarcasm.
9.  Enjoy libations w/out excess.
10.  Make AND be!
11.  Relax.
12.  More family fun and travel.

You know, looking over that list, we did pretty darned well!  With the exception of a few bumps in the road, we had a happy, healthy, adventurous, relaxing, and fun year.  This was a year very much in balance, for me at least.  In fact, I was telling some friends the other night that I felt like it was the best year of my life, and that I was very much looking forward to 2011.

With that, here are my wishes for the next year.  E. decided to opt out this year.  I felt sad about this for a moment, and then greedy and happy because all 12 wishes get to mine!  Plus, I bet if you pressed him, he would share some of mine with me.  So, here they are:

1.  Experience gratitude, always.
2.  Make lots of wonderful mistakes.  [I stole this from my friend Ellen. I love it.  And you can't miss!]
3.  Spend money on experiences, not things.
4.  Give more.
5.  Act more like Milo--sleepy, full of heart, joyful, always loving, walks a lot [but maybe minus the pooping in the yard and drooling].
6.  Leave open the possibility to be always surprised.
7.  Family first.
8.  Break the rules more [by rules, I mean my self-imposed rules having to do with order and control.  Like, I've been staying in my jammies a lot lately.  Rule breaker!]
9.  Laugh a lot.
10.  Go to church, wherever that is.
11.  Release fear.
12.  Say yes to what you love [and by extension, no to what you don't.]

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