Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yet Another Freaking Advent Calendar

Mostly, I've been grading papers and going to meetings.  But we are sneaking in some crafting here and there, preparing for giftmas (thanks, C n T) and playing with the girls.  If you follow the crafty blogs, you know there are about a million and one advent calendar designs out there.  I love doing the advents--the kids get a kick out of it, and it reminds me of the deliciously painful process of waiting for Christmas when I was a child.  My favorite one is in the Garnet Hill catalog, which is also my very favorite catalog for dreaming about being rich and buying everything in it.   But my gizzles, puh-lease, who is going to pay $58 for an advent calendar?  Not moi.

I'll gladly rip the idea off in my use-all-my-scraps-up kind of way, however.

What's that you're asking?  Will I be going out to buy little gifts to put in each little bag?

Heck no!  That would be contrary to my penny-pinching mentality 'round the Holidays.  Instead, they're stuffed with things we had lying around:  lollipops from the candy stash, embroidery thread friendship bracelets, quarters.

I would have liked to sew numbers on, but that would take more juice than I have at the moment.  Next year.

The countdown begins.  Hello, December!

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