Monday, December 13, 2010

Punch List

  • Read over article revision again.  Watch out for repeating words, which you always do when you've been writing intensely for a few days.  Pray for fresh eyes.
  • That other chapter has come back.  Add in missing references, write yet another short bio (because you're never the same two days in a row), and sign the contract.  Mail.
  • Read articles on nanotechnology.  No, you haven't studied that in years, but that other short article is due by the end of December.  How come you agreed to do that again?
  • Grade final papers.
  • Go to post office and mail eight (yes, 8!) boxes for Christmas.
  • Get an allergy shot and pray you don't have a third anaphylactic shock because your immune system is as reactionary as a Republican on flag day.
  • Pick up your prescription nasal steroid so that your polyps don't get any bigger.
  • Deposit that check in the bank.  E's company isn't paying you until the end of January, now, rather than on the first.  Like Tim Gunn says, make it work!
  • Submit article revision.  Keep fingers crossed the reviewers are sated by total rewrite.
  • Grade final exams.
  • Submit final grades.  Wonder which students skewered you on course evaluations, and whether you'll run afoul of the grade inflation police.
  • Fret about two new, unformed, risky courses in the spring.  Wonder when those syllabi will get finished.
  • Snowboard ass off.
  • And...repeat.

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