Monday, April 5, 2010

On to Six

I think this time six years ago we were heading into our second day of labor, thinking we were going to see Addie any time now. She didn't actually come until the following day, the 6th. It feels like yesterday. It feels like eons ago. But that's how time goes. And here we are at Addie's golden birthday, where she turns six on the sixth.

I put her on the bus a few minutes ago for her last day of kindergarten as a five-year-old, and then came back home to put the finishing touches on her birthday doll.

This is all she is getting from us this year present-wise, since we're headed to California for a breakneck nosebleed-inducing pleasureshot through Disneyland on Saturday. If we survive I'll blog about it.

Anyway, here is what I know about Addie at this moment:

1. She has a very, very big heart. She loves her parents and her sister and her cats and her dog. When Nolie gets hurt, Addie is the first one there, putting the bandaid on and hugging her. Unless she was the one to hurt Nolie, which happens, and in which case she feels pretty bad about it. Sometimes a little, wee, tiny bit smug. But mostly bad.

2. Her bike still has training wheels, but not for much longer, I suspect. Her legs are long and strong, and she runs much straighter and more quickly than she used to.

3. Her favorite things are art, reading, and nature, though I'm not sure what order she would put them in. She is constantly building and designing things, inspecting the yard for signs of spring, and reading voraciously about everything from princesses to "mini-beasts."

4. She is still sensitive, though much more likely to laugh than cry compared to a year ago.

5. Addie is a goofball. Don't know where she gets this from. Must be E. Definitely E.

6. She is loyal and kind, and expects the same in return. This makes it very difficult to be harsh or unfair with her. A good thing.

7. She can eat three bowls of pasta in one sitting and still looks like a string bean. Also from E., goddammit.

8. She hates tags of any kind on her clothing, knows how to buckle her own seatbelt, can make herself a snack and operate the tv, on demand, and vcr, knows how to use a mouse on a desktop and laptop, still lisps and drools occasionally, can't tie her own shoes, can make her own bed, loves fruits and vegetables, hates plain milk, isn't big enough to walk Milo the Moose on her own yet, though desperately wants to, and is otherwise a wonderful, fantastic, loving kid in every way. We are so blessed, so so blessed.

Happy Birthday, my Addie.


  1. Big birthday loves to miss Addie from our household! (I'm sure Ember will be busy at work drafting up some mail as soon as she hears the news!)

  2. OH dearest Addie...a few observations from a novice auntie on this, her 6th...

    1) Addie is a great hugger.
    2) Her sensitivity to the natural world and its myriad creatures has always opened my heart, more.
    3) I love her laugh, such a guttural giggle at times, and often contagious.
    4) She is quite the artist. Her mastery of form suggests a possible portrait artist some day, or a landscape painter.
    5) Addie can read better than many people three times her age. I am AMAZED by this, and it makes me all swoony, like somehow I'm partially responsible, which could only be the result of osmosis. But when I was that age, I read everything I could get my hot hands on. Which reminds me that I need to buy her "The Golden Name Day" was like gold to me, those pages and that story.
    6) I love the way Addie rolls her eyes at her little sister--and really, her patience is quite great when it comes to being a big sis. But she cracks me up when it comes to bringing Nolie back to, um, earth.
    7) Addie can hold a tune and then some. TOMORROW TOMORROW I LOVE YA TOMORROW
    8) Really, all of these things are mere glimpses into the life and heart of a little girl I love very much who would not be the stunning kid she is without equally stunning parents.

    So Happy Birthday Addie! Long may you reign Queen of the Fairies and the Wood Nymphs! *auntie m