Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

These are a bit late, but I thought a few pictures from Addie's sixth birthday extravaganza were in order. First, a quiet party at home with family and a few special friends:

Then, a weekend trip to Southern California and Disneyland, where the girls had their faces painted in Princess-O-Rama-Land to look like kitties:

These aren't taken in the park itself because we forgot our camera. Yes, WE FORGOT TO TAKE OUR CAMERA TO DISNEYLAND. So shoot us. Let me tell you, though, it was an absolutely lovely day, despite all my anxiety. We had three goals: to visit Pixie Hollow, see a princess, and go through It's a Small World. We also had a time limit--we were only going to spend six hours there. I think that was the secret to our success: keep things manageable. Because it really was a lovely and magical, albeit very expensive, day.

Which was capped with a rousing game of "Throw the Ball on Granddad's Roof and Watch It Roll Down:"

(Yes, that is an exact replica of what Eric is going to look like in twenty-five years or so. Beer and everything. Except maybe minus the moustache).

But I think the best part of all was time spent with cousins. Because aren't cousins really the best thing ever?

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