Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Moment

And now, for some shine:

Heavens, that is cute. It's hard to beat a roly-poly-Nolie body just out of bath, but add in a little daddy reading time, and yumma-yumma-delicioso.

I should note that mere seconds after this photo was shot, Eric was viciously beating on the child's window, knocking her over to get to the squirrels that were taunting him from the balcony. The man is so assaulted by the many animals who dare enter our back yard and scamper on our house that he loses his ever-loving mind about twice a day. Yes, they probably have a nest somewhere. Yes, the woodpeckers drill holes in our house. But I've never seen a guy come so unhinged by vermin.

Thank God he's not a gun owner, or we'd all be in trouble.

And yes, the banner with Nolie's name was a Valentine's gift from mama. Uber-cuteness. H/T to Soule Mama for the idea.

1 comment:

  1. Love the photo! Love the banner! Love the story of creature torment!