Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Here.


I joined a little artist's group, doing The Artist's Way thing, with its morning pages and artist's dates, and so I haven't felt so much need to blather my every inner working to you all. Which I can tell you've missed, you poor things. I've sure felt a lot more peaceful, though.

Also, E. has been out of town lasing things, and I got hit with a gajillion little deadlines, and there you have it. I didn't make much time for blogging. But guess what? That gajillion deadlines thing probably won't be happening too much anymore, because I have officially cleaned my plate, and plan on keeping it clean. No more overcommitment for me. I realized that taking on stuff I didn't want to do at work was an ego thing, mostly, to prove I could do it or out of some sense of feeling flattered. Phew. It's nice to let that go a bit. Do you know what will keep me from doing that again? My back starts to really hurt, a lot, when I overcommit. A most excellent feedback system.

Which leads me to--TA DA!--I seem to have a handle on the back pain thing. Isn't that great? I mean, ISN'T THAT GREAT? It feels so great. In case you didn't notice, I was pretty bothered by all that. I mean, it felt like a bit of a death sentence, and it hurt so much, and now POOF, feeling good.

Know why? Yep, you do. I've stopped overcommitting at work. And:

It's mostly because of dancing. My friend T. dragged me to these classes called Nia. I figured it would be some new-age hippie-dervish-type stuff, mostly because that's how T. described it. And it is a little like that, but it's also this very intense workout that is all about grunting and movement and self-expression and it makes me feel like I'm on the best drug in the universe. No kidding. It is really that good. I feel so much joy doing it, and the joy is spreading to these other parts of my life in weird and interesting ways.

Best of all, my back's not hurting.

Unless I work too much. Then it hurts a whole lot, and I know I immediately need to do more dancing and less working.

Boy. I sound like something, huh? I'm trying not to make too much sense of it all, but this is the way it's working for me. Not doing yoga or pilates everyday (though I still do them now and then), not crazy-ass weight training, not military-style PX46core boot camp, not expensive massages or chiropractic work.

Dancing. Like a hippie dervish goddess lover mama sexpot sweetie-pie karate chopper.

Go figure.

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  1. Awesome! Gotta try sounds just...awesome...

    So glad you're feeling better!