Friday, February 12, 2010

Pics of Pics

Okay. I think he's leaving these on the camera on purpose, now.

What's annoying is that he's still pretty darned handsome, even making that silly face. If I made that silly face, I'd look like ass. Children would flee in fear. But I just want to kiss him.

The real point of this here post is this little gem. It's Teacher Appreciation Week at Nolie's school next week, and every year the school requests that families make little gifts for the teachers rather than buying them. I totally love this sentiment, of course, but it always seems to come at a bad time and, as you know, I hate being required to craft. Sometimes it is easier to just buy the Starbucks gift card.

Anyway, this is what I came up with for this year. We got an extra game of Jenga for Christmas, and Addie helped me paint some of the blocks blue. Then I hand-drilled a little hole in the top using some pointy-thing I have around the craft room. I bent some rebar wire (very cheap at the hardware store and, imho, endlessly useful for many crafty things). Hot glue some buttons on the front, in goes a pic of Nolie (which the teachers will be free to remove, of course. I don't imagine they all have altars to my child in their homes).

And voila. A little homemade gift, times three, made for free and quickly. Not going to win any fine arts awards, but it'll do in a pinch.

Yes, Nolie is freaking adorable. Lord. Look at those little sausage fingers. Rownch.

If you stick around, I might post about how I completely lost my shit with the girls the other night. It was awful. I should have been taken away and put in a time out for a while. Or I might not post about it, because I'm ashamed and terrified. And because everything is fine now.

We'll see.

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