Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Farewell, Green Bean

You knew it was coming, didn't you? Who wins the blog pool on how long Green Bean would last?

So, Nolie is very, very terrified of fireworks. We took her to see fireworks with friends on July 3rd, and she went into shock, screaming and quaking. She wouldn't let me take my hands off her ears, and I had to sit rocking and rocking her on the front porch until she finally quieted, nodding off into a jerky sleep for a few minutes before waking again.

"I don yike fiyawohks," she keeps saying. At dinner, before bed, in the bath. "No more fireworks, Nola," we tell her. "No more."

Apparently, Green Bean didn't like them either. Because when we went out to check on him the morning of July 4th, his kiddie pool was empty.

"I saw some magpies chewing over something..." Eric's voice trailed off, sadly.

"You don't think..." I said.

"I'm going to choose to think that he got out somehow, and that he is very happy roaming the wide world. I bet he's out in that big patch of vinca somewhere, that he buried himself in the bud and is eating his fill of sowbugs."

Okay. So, that's it. Thanks, Green Bean, for letting us hang with you. They were six glorious, turtle-filled days. Best of luck in the wide world.

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  1. Oh NO! How did I miss this! And I wondered what happened to you post-fireworks...now I know. Poor Nolie. Dear sweet little one. You can tell her that Daisy hates 'em too.

    See ya in the woods, Green Bean.