Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Clara

Like every other sewing mama out there, I'm in love with the book Weekend Sewing, which contains the pattern for this "Clara" doll. This one's for our buddy Scout, who's celebrating her third birthday today. Pretty cute, yeah? And made her in an evening or so. What's not to like?

(H/T to Dandelion Bones for first cluing me in to Weekend Sewing, and this great pattern :)).

Side thought: Clara also does not have a neck, like some other anorexic turtles I know.

Double side thought: The Dalai Lama would say I've developed an attachment to that particular criticism, at this point, and that I should find a way to let it go. Dishing it out, taking it, yadda.
Also, I think we need a new camera. What do you think?

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