Saturday, March 30, 2013

Magical Maggie and Her Magic Show

Nolie asked for a magic kit for Christmas (Addie asked for a spy kit).  Both have been big hits, and on afternoons where we have stretches of time, the girls will disappear for a few hours (!) to prepare a magic show.  I'll come down when they call and a curtain will be strung across the living room, scraps of paper strewn about the floor, and the Magical Maggie Show will begin, with real tricks and lots of buffoonery.

Sometimes Magic Maggie gets a witch to help her with the set-up.

Sometimes the curtain falls and you get a glimpse backstage.

And sometimes the show goes on a little too long and you might call for an intermission and get a spell cast on you.

Bringing apple slices and goldfish crackers will usually earn you a reprieve.

1 comment:

  1. That photo of Nolie is an absolute prize winner!! Beautiful.