Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Dada Evah

I don't like to go out into the snow on snow days.  I realize this suggests something about my character, but I just prefer to be warm and dry inside.

The kids are homebodies, too, but if they don't get out at some point on a snow day, they start to get bossy and whiny.  So E., trudges out into the backyard with them to build forts and snowmen and to have snowball fights.

And make snow angels, I guess.  That, or Nolie just tripped and fell.

They were already coming back inside when I asked them to go back and reprise their snowball fight for the sake of the camera.

I may not be out there with them, but I'm happy to encourage them to clobber each other.

I think Addie has the advantage in this one.

Poor strategic choice, Dada.  Now you're vulnerable.

Oh, but he's quick!  And bold!  Watch out, little girls!

Saved by the big dog.  The little dog stays inside with me.  Sometimes he'll leave little kibbles on the floor because he so loathes going outside in the cold to poop.  This is a strike against him.  But not a big strike.  I get it.  I'd rather poop on the floor than go outside for snowball fight, too.  And they're tiny poops.

Now, if Milo was pooping on the floor, that would be a problem.  That would be a public health hazard.

Luckily, there is nowhere Milo would rather be than outside.

Trying to catch snowballs in his mouth.

He's not that smart.

He'd do this all day.

Not me.  I'm an inside, hot chocolate, pooping on the floor kind of girl.

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  1. thanks for making me laugh out loud, friend. (that last line.)
    great photos, too.