Saturday, February 9, 2013

Normal Day

One of the great things about going through an interesting time is that, at some point, you get a wee pocket of "normalcy" and you can just sink into it.  Addie is home from her sleepover, grownup and grumpy, resisting chores and talking back.  Just like any kid who has had 24 hours of fun and freedom from the rules of her own home would do.  Totally normal.

She's also walking around the house with a box on her head, intoning "Blockhead Blockhead Blockhead" in a robot voice.  Also totally normal.

Nolie is back to eating solid food and we've disconnected her electronic i.v.  Addie needed a little alone time so I offered to do a puzzle with Nolie, or do some coloring.  She wasn't excited.  Then I suggested (looking over at our obscenely dusty plant Marge) that she could go back to her preschool roots and gently wash the leaves of the plant.

Sometimes it's comforting to choose a familiar, old task when things have been strange.

Next, I'll probably clean some toilets or something.

Ah, normalcy.

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