Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dad's Out of Town

I've had a hard time dealing with all of E's work travel the last few months.  But then I decided that the problem wasn't so much that he was gone, but that I was having a really bad attitude about him being gone.

So instead of focusing on the hardship of his absence, I decided that this week, while he's in Switzerland, the girls and I would have fun.  I realize now, looking back, that most of the "fun" revolves around us eating massive quantities of junk food.  So that's probably something to adjust for the next time.  But I liked the experience, and this week was a lot more fun than the other weeks E's been gone.

I love to have a big Sunday dinner every week, and since E. left on a Sunday afternoon, I figured we'd still have our big Sunday dinner, except it would be breakfast for dinner, or what Nolie decided to call "Brinner."  Or "Dinfast."  We couldn't decide.

The trick to making this fun, for me anyway, was on going totally over the top.  Nolie's favorite breakfast is crepes, Addie loves homemade waffles, and I like both of those and eggs and fake bacon.  Plus, you have to have juice and coffee.

So I just made all of those things.

I loved making it, and I loved having a little bit of everything (I'm the kind of person who gets menu envy in restaurants, so I loved getting to have some eggs and waffles and crepes).  We even broke out the nutella.  And nothing went to waste--we just froze the leftovers.  Addie loved having homemade waffles all week (we just popped them in the toaster).

Of course, we felt like this afterward:

Brinner Zombies

Again, adjustments need to be made.

Then we had a homemade spa treatment:

Later in the week was Banana Splits and a view of Enchanted, one of my favorite princess movies (though, thankfully, we are growing out of that phase altogether).

Last night was party food and Puss in Boots.

Little things.  Food.  Sweets. T.V.

Also, I almost bought:  a puppy, a kitten, and an iPad.  Maybe it is that E's gone.  E-shaped-hole in life=wanting a puppy.  Or shiny electronics

But I didn't buy those things.  I just ate a lot of waffles and ice cream.

And E. comes home today.


  1. What time should I be there for Brinner!

  2. Catching up on the Spit. Afte it went down for awhile, I keep forgetting that it is back up! And that makes me happy.

    Also, for the record: Brinner is my favorite. I'll come over and play spa and eat Brinner w you guys any Sunday.