Monday, November 12, 2012

apples for teacher

I have never had a student bring me an apple.  Probably because I scare them (students, not apples) all too bad.  I did have a Saudi student bring me a gown once (note to Colorado state officials:  this was before the "no accepting gifts worth more than $50" rule was passed) and I think I've received some chocolate now and then.  Many nice notes and emails, but mostly, no gifts. And that's good.  I think it would make me feel a little weird, like boundaries were crossed somehow.

But then a few weeks ago a student brought me this:

An entire box of apples.  From her folks' organic apple orchard.

Let me tell you, this has been an awesome gift.  We eat apples in this house like you wouldn't believe, and the luxury of having a whole box of them, for snacking, for apple sauce, for pie...well.  It's been tremendous.

It has made me feel tremendously rich and satisfied, and grateful.  Thank you, dear student, for the apples.

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