Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coach E.

E. and I are making our way through the show Friday Night Lights, which is really, really good and I love it.  I have a big crush on one of the main characters, Coach Taylor:

Coach Taylor, played by the awesome Kyle Chandler, he who can make Croakies look hot.  Sweet God of yumminess.

But my very own E. is also coaching now, and I admit to feeling a little swoony watching him when he takes to the field with Nolie's maurading band of six-year-old soccer players:

Nolie likes it too:

In other news, one of my students looks and acts a little bit like Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights:

I told him this and he says I'm a fool for watching the show because the film and book are much better.

Okay, Tim Riggins.

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